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Company Overview

Luxembourg Fund Partners is a totally independent management company focusing on integrated investment fund services and asset management activities, offering comprehensive and tailor-made investment solutions, to asset managers, institutional and private investors.

Our team of investment professionals is a trusted partner to many investment managers and investors worldwide. We always strive to provide our customers with efficient solutions and offer them the possibility to concentrate on durable capital growth. The group is specialised in setting-up, administrating and managing regulated investment funds and other investment structures on behalf of private and institutional clients. The Luxembourg Fund Partners management team is drawn from the executive ranks of global financial institutions and real industry. For well over two decades asset managers and investors have trusted them and rely on their entrepreneurial ideas about creating a world-class investment and advisory business.

Our customers come first and we always set our client’s needs as a priority. The teams are disciplined, independent and conflict-free, adhering to the highest ethical standards and driven to create long-term value for investors and business partners. Through the diverse range of investment funds our specialists handle highly complex and critical transactions as well as restructuring and reorganisation assignments worldwide. All of these activities reflect the firms durable partnership philosophy based on the solid foundations of intellectual capital, integrity and the commitment to excellence.

Luxembourg Fund Partners was founded by financial specialists with a successfully proven track record in managing globally listed securities portfolios, derivatives instruments and alternative investment products. We developed international management expertise across all asset classes drawing on the knowledge and experience of our team.

    We are specialized in structuring, implementing and managing the following investment structures:

  • Global Market Funds;
  • Long Short Equity Funds;
  • Derivatives Funds;
  • Hedge Funds;
  • Private Equity Funds;
  • Real Estate Funds;
  • Forex & Alternative investment Funds;
  • Commodities Funds;
  • Renewable and Clean Tech Funds;
  • Sustainable Funds;
  • Fund of Funds.

Our goal is to deliver long-term returns and capital preservation by following a rigorous investment management process. This approach has led the firm to pursue diverse investment opportunities on a global scale.