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Luxembourg Fund Partners – Why?

HomeThe FirmLuxembourg Fund Partners – Why?
HomeThe FirmLuxembourg Fund Partners – Why?

A Regulated Management Company

As management company Luxembourg Fund Partners provides effective solutions for international fund managers seeking UCITS or Alternative Investment Fund compliance.  

The management company status is governed by chapter 15 of the law of December 17th, 2010 relating to Undertakings for Collective Investments in Transferable Securities (UCITS). The firm offers the overall mandatory management company services for UCITS products and is supported by a highly experienced and knowledgeable professional team.

Our “Risk Management Department” supervises the day-to-day fund activities as well as the related service providers. For each fund our risk management experts produce comprehensive and updated risk and performance reports, which are thoroughly reviewed and analyzed. Specific reports are regularly addressed to the Board of Directors of the funds.



The firms's main task is to allow clients to focus on asset growth and investment management activities whilst, our team of financial professionals administrates their funds through back, middle and front office. We assist our clients during the set-up or transfer of their investment funds, designing structures and strategies adapted to different situations and investors.  

The state-of-the-art solutions we provide reflect the insights and experience generated by our global investment fund platforms. The firm’s strong foundations are built on human and financial capital. Thus we focus on attracting exceptionally talented people by creating an atmosphere that rewards initiative and independent thinking.


We use our global network, strong industry knowledge, operational experience and portfolio intelligence to conceive and implement a value creation plan for each investment. These efficient procedures help asset managers and investors to achieve their goals.