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Asset Management & Controls

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Asset Management & Controls

The regulator as well as best market practices require investment decisions to be taken by supervised and approved entities.  

Luxembourg Fund Partners is fully equipped to offer investment management functions to investment funds on behalf of our clients. The asset management team is ready to work with most brokers or counterparties and enters the play to facilitate our customers’ tasks. Thus we provide our clients with elaborated investment strategies and opportunities in their area of expertise. The firm’s investment management team swiftly implements our customers’ advice into effective investments, ranging from money market and cash strategies to the most complex derivatives transactions.  

Thanks to the firm's inhouse research team, we guarantee the best execution of trades. Our corporate governance framework assures total independence between trade processing, risk and investment management.  

We systematically perform pre-trade compliance checks, which allow customers to entirely concentrate on performance and growth creation. The effectiveness of these checks is the guarantor that harmful and onerous correction procedures will be avoided.  

Our experience in a broad range of investment strategies offers full flexibility to investment advisors that are not licensed to manage directly UCITS compliant funds. This unique service allows non-regulated investment advisors to implement their strategies in terms of asset management and this to the full benefit of investors without the need to set-up an own management company.  

For Luxembourg Fund Partners, customers come first. As a result we offer our clients qualitative and prime solutions with the possibility to widen the pool of potential investors.

Investment Controls

Our professional team monitors and controls the activities and accuracy of the asset management accounts, ensuring high quality and performance in order to meet the clients’ specific needs and reach their objectives.  

Without sound decision oriented information, concerning quality and performance, it would be very difficult to keep up with the new challenges of the fund management industry. A deep analysis, which identifies the real return drivers is therefore implemented by the management company, taking into account risk limits imposed by the Luxembourg regulator (CSSF).   

Some key aspects of Asset Management Control comprise:

  • Pre-trade controls of the fund manager’s investment proposals;
  • Due diligence of specific products in support to the asset manager;
  • Placement of orders as well as administration of trade and compliance systems;
  • Review of the fund management structures with respect to investment guidelines and CSSF circulars.